Welcome! I’m Jill, let me tell you a bit about me with a camera in hand and without. Sessions offered are limited each month to allow me to fully invest time and energy to each client in every session. This allows me to get to know my clients, I know their wishes, likes, dislikes, hopes and dreams for their photos and offer a personalized experience. Watching families change and grow from year to year is such a blessing. I have 2 rambunctious children. Taylah, is my bubbly, singing daughter. My son Leyton is my very own creative little engineer. He loves playing the drums, never a quiet moment in this house! Tayley Photography was named with the combination of my two sweet kiddos names and would not be possible without my dear husband. Zach, my ever so supportive hubby, helps me to accomplish more in one day than what most think is possible! My days are shared between photography and nursing at a local hospital. In my spare time I love to stay physically active by competing in triathlons and running

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A little of me shared with you!